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Instructions/Operating Manual
UPDATE BELOW* Please read before emailing support - Thank you!

ENGINEERS UPDATE- August 3rd 2017-Present - Issue: Earbuds will not connect together/pair to the mobile device. Audio output from only one channel (L or R).

Solution: "Re-connection mode". Basically all you have to do is press the two earbuds twice and then they both should beep and after 3 seconds they will re-connect and maintain a steady and secure connection.

It's an awesome update and is much more efficient than previously mentioned troubleshooting tips.

-Pairing with bluetooth enabled device

  • Press the multi-function button for 3 seconds, until you hear voice prompt: "Power on, connected, right channel, left channel".
  • Turn on Bluetooth function in your Smart Phone find pairing name In your bluetooth connection list. Click it and wait to hear voice prompt: "Pairing Successful, Second Device Connected". At this point, both earbuds will be connected and will start playing music simultaneously.
-L&R Brother Pairing (Re-connecting)

  • Separately press the multi-function button both left & right until you can hear voice prompt: "Power On" separately double click the multi-function button, you can hear voice prompt, "Pairing successful, second device connected" - within 8 seconds.

Multi-point Connections:

1. Follow the instructions in the pairing section above to connect the Bluetooth headset to device #1.

2. Once connection is successfully established, disable the bluetooth function on device #1 and turn off the Bluetooth headset.

3. Follow the Instructions in the "Pairing" section above to connect the bluetooth headset to device #2.

4. Once the connection between device #2 and the Bluetooth headset is established, go back to device #1 and enabled bluetooth connection on device#1.

5. The Bluetooth headset should automatically connect to your device.

6. You have now maintained an active connection with 2 devices at the same time. You can now make and answer phone calls from both devices.

7. Note: Only the right channel earbud can make phone calls.

Dial/Answering Call

  • When a call is coming in, voice prompt "In-Coming Call" then, 'DuDu'... Now press the Multi-function button to answer the phone call.

Re-dail Last Number

  • Long press the Multi function button to dial the last number.

Hold on a Call

  • Short press the Multi-function button to hang up the call.
Call Walting

  • Short press the Multi-function button for around 1 second to delay a call.
Reject an incoming call

  • Press and hold the multi-function button for 1 second until the voice prompt says, "call rejected".
MUSIC Playing Control

  • Play/Pause Press the multi-function button to play or Pause music
Battery status alert

  • Battery indicator is displayed on iOS and on newer android operating systems.

Power Off

  • When headset is put into the charging case, they will automatically be powered off and start charging on the go!
Charging Case Specifications-

  • Charging Case: 3.7v/450mah/Polymer Lithium Battery
  • Charging voltage: 5v
  • Charging time: 1-2h
  • Charging capabilities: Earbuds to 100% 5 times
Charging Case Charging-

  • While Charging, red light will be on. When fully charged, blue light will turn on for 2 minutes and then, turn off.
  • Supports Charging and Discharging at the same time. Basically you can charge earbud case and earbuds simultaneously.